South Park Quiz: True Or False?

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Comedy Central

When it comes to American animated sit coms, they don't come in a more controversial flavour than South Park. Debuting in 1997 on Comedy Central, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's show shocked many, but brought many more to tears of laughter. With or without complaint and controversy, the show established itself as one of the finest of its generation, its two-hundred-and-forty-seven episodes across twenty two seasons regularly peaking ratings on Comedy Central.

South Park follows the lives of four young boys in a town of the same name in Colorado. Not unlike The Simpsons, there is a wide variety of memorable cast members who have recurring roles in the show. The difference here is that there is tons more violence and profanity, leaning on a darker sense of humour.

Oh, and that one of the primary characters dies in every episode, more or less. Poor duffel-coated Kenny has had the misfortune of being killed 98 times throughout the show's run. The b*stards.

How well do you know the boys and what happens in South Park? Can you pick true or false?

Answers at the end!

1. Cartman's Mother Is Also His Father.

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