Star Trek: Discovery - 12 Easter Eggs You Need To See

"Waiter! A glass of the Chateau Picard, if you will..."

Star Trek Discovery Picard

Star Trek: Discovery premiered yesterday to a pretty solid reception, garnering a positive critical response and more importantly the adoration of Trekkies everywhere. It's really, really good.

Unsurprisingly, those first two episodes were also packed with tonnes of neat little references to the wider Star Trek canon, with Discovery taking place in between the much maligned Enterprise series and its revolutionary, original, sixties counterpart. References to both shows litter the foreground and background of Discovery's opening episodes, but all those nods aren't just reserved for Gene Roddenberry's original series - The Next Generation gets a look-in too.

CBS’s latest Star Trek show certainly feels like a love-letter to the franchise in a whole variety of ways, whether it be through its embodiment of Roddenberry’s Trek-ethos in its opening moments, or through the very obvious visual throwbacks to the designs that reimagined sci-fi in 1966. It oozes Trek plain and simple, and the little eggs Kurtzman et al. left behind for hardcore Trekkies to find only add to the show’s already wide appeal.

It's very much a case of Discovery being a show written by fans, for fans, and while it's arguable that it's not done enough to entice new viewers into the Trek-fold, the Star Trek faithful have very much been catered for.

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

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