Star Trek: Discovery Review - 6 Ups And 5 Downs From Season 1

Set phasers to thrill...

star trek discovery

The first Star Trek series in over a decade didn't waste any time in getting going. By the end of its debut season, the high octane serialised story arc has boldly taken the latest crew from the ravages of a bloody war to sci-fi’s version of the middle of nowhere.

The show has certainly proved divisive among sections of hardcore fans, from its unwillingness to adhere to the visual continuity of the era in which it’s set to the mature content unexplored by previous incarnations of Trek. Yet, in comparing the first fifteen episodes of Discovery to the same time frame of other shows in the franchise, the adventures of the latest show in canon come off remarkably well.

While most of the earlier shows were notoriously slow in finding their identities, Discovery’s dimension-hopping storyline has demonstrated a fierce ambition unprecedented so early on in a Trek series. It’s highly arguable that no Star Trek show has been this good, this fast since the original tales of Kirk and Spock aired some 50 years ago.

Consequently, Trek fans have been presented with the promise of a series on pace to become a particularly strong entry in the legacy of the franchise. While the first season wasn't perfect - few shows are - its numerous strengths outweigh the relatively minor flaws. which we'll look at first...


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