Star Trek The Next Generation Sequel: 10 Things It Must Have

9. An Explanation For "All Good Things"

Star Trek The Next Generation All Good Things

No matter how excited you are to see more of Picard, continuing his story more than 25 years into the future has an unfortunate side-effect for every The Next Generation fan because of what it means to one of the show's greatest episodes ever.

All Good Things... offered Picard and the Enterprise crew a sense of closure (far more than the movies did, but they don't count the same way in terms of the show's timeline) and also gave us a glimpse into Picard's future. We saw Picard retired on his vineyard and the timeline suggests this was more than 25 years into the future - or in other words, not far from where the new series will take up.

In order for this seminal episode not to be wiped out entirely, the new show needs to reference it in some way - even subtley - to ensure it looks like it's paying its dues to All Good Thing. Because anything else would be criminal.

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