Star Wars: Ranking Every Animated Series From Worst To Best

If you only watch the movies, you're missing out.


Since the original's release in 1977, Star Wars has spawned a further eight feature films (with lots more on the way), as well as countless video games, books, comics, and toys. And the series shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

However, some of the most interesting pieces of Star Wars media have been the various animated series that have aired on television over the years. In fact, up until this point, every single Star Wars TV show has been an animated one (though that's about to change).

These six shows have attempted to build upon the already iconic Star Wars universe with varying degrees of success. Some are simply meant to provide lighthearted Star Wars-themed entertainment to young kids, whereas others pride themselves on intense action and complex storytelling.

The very best of these animated series, however, are the ones that manage to capture the best of both worlds, finding that perfect balance that will allow their show to appeal to all Star Wars fans, whether they're kids or adults.

With that in mind, here's how the animated adventures from the galaxy far, far away stack up against one another.


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