Stranger Things Season 2: 9 Crazy Fan Theories (That Might Actually Be True)

Theories that'll turn your world upside down.

Stranger Things Eleven

The world is about to be turned Upside Down, and Things are going to get even Stranger.

Stranger Things Season 2 (or just Stranger Things 2, as the creators are calling it) hits Netflix on October 27, just in time to deliver a huge Halloween treat - and maybe with a few tricks up its sleeve as well.

The show became a global phenomenon after being released on the streaming service last year, its blend of 80s nostalgia, great child actors, and intriguing mystery winning it a legion of fans. Prior to the first season, though, there was little chatter about the series.

That's perhaps the biggest change ahead of the sequel, with it now established as one of the biggest and buzziest shows on television. There's far more scrutiny, which in-turn means more secrecy about the plot (the producers even consulted the Game of Thrones team on how to keep secrets, because they're so great at that...).

With trailers and interviews giving little away, the fandom instead turns to crafting their own theories on just what's going to happen when we return to Hawkins. They are predictably pretty strange, but also could be fairly accurate as well.

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