Stranger Things Season 3: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Who stood out, and who took a tumble into the Upside Down?


It's easy to see why Stranger Things is held in such high regard.

The Netflix series is a unique blend of genres and tones - one that blurs the lines between horror, humour and heart in order to deliver a tale that is every bit as engaging as it is terrifying. That being said, this tale wouldn't be anywhere near as engaging if it weren't for the characters who experienced it.

It's common knowledge that the show thrives on its characters, and it manages to do so because its strong writing team comes up with intriguing ways for them to grow and develop so that, even with the supernatural craziness unfolding around them, they still very much feel like real people.

Stranger Things 3's recent arrival on the streaming service has, of course, allowed us to catch up with our favourite Hawkins residents, and even introduced us to some show-stealing newcomers along the way. But it isn't all good news, unfortunately, as a few fan-favourites suffered from underdevelopment this season, while others are overlooked altogether.

Please be aware, this post contains heavy SPOILERS for Stranger Things season 3.


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