Supergirl Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Kara Danvers?

Can you overcome the Quiz of Steel?


When the Girl of Steel first arrived on Earth, the Kryptonian refugee was taken in by a loving family where she would thrive until her adult years. However, when Earth needed another hero, Kara took inspiration from her cousin, Superman, and decided to use her abilities for the good of mankind, ascending to new heights as Supergirl.

Since then, she has battled some of the most violent threats that the galaxy has to offer, including her own aunt Astra, Rhea Queen of Daxam, Reign and the anti-alien human known as Agent Liberty. However, she didn't back down from any of these warriors and overcame everything they threw at her in a bid to save the world. In doing so, she carried on her family's legacy and inspired the people of Earth with hope.

Strong, empowering and practically invincible, the Girl of Steel may just be the most formidable hero on our screens today. Having said all that, she's been a beacon of hope for four years now, so how well have you been paying attention? Do you know enough to become CatCo's next star reporter? Or would your lack of knowledge incite one of Cat Grant's renowned rants? Test your knowledge and find out.

1. What Is Kara Danvers' Kryptonian Name?

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