With the release of the Man of Steel come and gone, fans have finally gotten the answers to our burning questions: will Henry Cavill measure up as Clark Kent? Will the more realistic tone mesh with Supes? Will the action live up to what we expect from the Man of Steel?

But there is another question that was also answered, one of equal importance, but that doesn’t seem to have been asked as much: what about Lois?

Lois Lane is without a doubt the second most important person to the Superman mythos, barring the man himself. Her role is pivotal to the success of any Superman undertaking, and it’s critical that anyone who portrays her be up to the task. Prior to Man of Steel’s release, I had every faith that Amy Adams would be awesome as Lois, and for the most part I was right. But as we are graced with yet another Lois Lane, I oftentimes look back and ask myself, who did it best?

There have been as many versions of Lois as there have been of Clark, and whenever the question arises as to who was the best, several names are usually mentioned: Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher, Kate Bosworth. But, friends, I offer to you that the best Lois Lane we’ve been graced with thus far is Erica Durance. Here are 5 reasons why:

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This article was first posted on June 23, 2013