If you’ve been watching series six of The Big Bang Theory, you will likely agree with me that the latest iteration of the comedy series has been perhaps one of the strongest so far, and with the seventeenth episode, “The Monster Isolation” set to air in America later tonight, we thought we’d take the time to examine five plotlines that creator Chuck Lorre should explore next.

We have seen a multitude of scenarios in the comedy’s long run so far, Leonard’s on again-off again affections for girl-next-door Penny; Howard’s sometimes dubious pursuit of love, once including a hand robot, and later marriage to Bernadette; Raj’s equally as troubled pursuit of a partner and battles with his “girl issues” that oft render him mute and of course there has been Sheldon’s standoffish approach to the human race and reluctant relationship with Amy.

We feel the series is really evolving and maturing the longer it goes on and some of the characters in the show have made great stride forwards with their lives. Others, not quite so much.

But what has the show, which won in the category for “favorite network TV comedy” at the People’s Choice Awards last month, got left in its locker?

Here, we take a look at 5 never before-seen plotlines we’d love Lorre to explore.

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[Please note the following pages contain spoilers.]

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This article was first posted on February 21, 2013