The Big Bang Theory 6.13 Review – The Bakersfield Expedition

This week finds the boys taking a guys weekend to the Bakersfield Comic-Con, which per Sheldon is not as good…

JD Shrader


the big bang theory

This week finds the boys taking a guys weekend to the Bakersfield Comic-Con, which per Sheldon is not as good as the San Diego Comic-Con because San Diego is now all about Hollywood; and the girls take a trip on their own to Stuart’s comic book store as they try to learn more about the hobby their men love so dearly. Off we go!

As the guys roll onward to Bakersfield, they find themselves in an area of the desert where multiple scenes from Star Trek have been filmed, a journey that was complete with turn by turn navigation narrated by Sheldon (with fun facts along the way!). As true fans, not only do they pull over to scout the area, but they don their Comic Con outfits for a few photo-ops. In the process, their car gets stolen, leaving them stranded. Hilariously constructed and well executed, we have Sheldon as Lt. Commander Data, Howard as a member of the Borg Collective, a strapping Raj as a Klingon Warrior, and fittingly Leonard as Captain Jean-Luc Picard; this scene has the guys making their way on foot to try and find some help. And even when stranded in the desert, the guys can’t steer clear of bullies making fun of them for the love they show Star Trek, complete with Sheldon getting a slushie dumped on him by a passing motorist that’s screaming “nerds!” as he blows by.


The more important part of this weeks episode, though, finds the girls going comic book shopping in an attempt to better understand why their guys love them so much. And the resulting discussion and conversation could not be more well done or any funnier. The girls retreat to Penny’s apartment, reading a copy of Thor, and begin to discuss Thor’s Hammer and how come he is the only one that can lift it. An argument ensues over magic and gravity and the effects they have on the Hammer, and the girls find themselves at an impasse. They then move to the guys apartment across the hall to delve deeper into the Thor mythology in an effort figure out how the Hammer actually works. The bickering continues as they cover the apartment floor with the boys comic collection and argue the science behind picking up said Hammer and the effect the Transient Property would have on it, all while Red Hulk is carrying Thor in outer space. The guys then arrive home, listening intently outside the apartment door, and thus determine they have returned to an alternate dimension where their girls care about comics. The only downside to the entire episode is that we weren’t treated to Sheldon having a breakdown as he entered the apartment to witness his beloved comic collection, or “great literature” as he calls it, strewn all over the floor.

Another great episode as we roll along through the slow TV viewing winter months. Let’s discuss!

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