The Big Bang Theory 6.9, The Parking Spot Escalation – Review, Analysis & Discussion

With the ninth episode of season 6, our show is finally hitting its stride. This week was all about the…

JD Shrader


With the ninth episode of season 6, our show is finally hitting its stride. This week was all about the things that have made this show so very funny over the years: the girls being the girls, and the boys acting like children.

Who knew Sheldon had his own parking spot on the university campus? Our lovable man-child can’t even drive, but when Howard takes over Sheldon’s parking spot (since Howard FINALLY bought a car!), the game is on: one-upsmanship! What follows is a serious of maneuvers in which Howard and Sheldon escalate their conflict over who can “out-do” who in a battle of wills and wits: Sheldon stealing Howard’s IronMan replica helmet, a nude Howard taking Sheldon’s coveted spot on the apartment couch, and so on. In the end the boys finally reconcile, but not without first pushing each other to their friendly and loving limits.

On the flip side, the girls also had an interesting outing, following suit with the boys. In their own game of one-upsmanship, Bernadette and Amy duke it out in support of their quarreling better halves. The best scene of the episode finds Amy accusing Howard of towing her car through a conversation with Bernadette, and Bernadette ultimately revealing she was behind it all. Melissa Rauch’s portrayal of Bernadette Wolowitz was fantastic this week, and her interaction with Amy Farrah Fowler throughout their entire debacle was extremely well done and a throw-back to just how funny this show can be.

Of other notes were an ongoing conversation that Raj and Leonard had in their scenes regarding mummies, zombies, vampires, and zom-pires. Funny but not too funny. And the final scene of the episode with Sheldon taking his couch cushion to the dry-cleaners for removal of Howard’s “anal autograph” and “colon calling card” was also very well done.


I do enjoy this show when they take a step back from all the story arcs that fuel the overall season, and then proceed to hit a homerun with all the interactions between the cast with routine scenes and comedy. The cast has come so far over these past few years that they make even simple plot and stories consistently funny.

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