The Big Bang Theory Episode 6.15 Review – “The Spoiler Alert Segmentation”

We are about to enter the big push towards the end of season 6 of The Big Bang Theory. We…

JD Shrader



We are about to enter the big push towards the end of season 6 of The Big Bang Theory. We are 15 episodes into what should be about a 22 episode season, and this week we get the writers tackling a topic that’s long been avoided over the show’s 6 year reign: new living arrangements amongst the cast.

This week, with Sheldon finally breaking Leonard’s long-standing patience by way of Harry Potter spoilers, Leonard takes it upon himself to finally attempt to move out of the apartment that he has shared with Sheldon all these years. The mayhem that then follows is a hysterical breakdown of The Big Bang norm, with Penny realizing she’s not ready to live with Leonard, and Amy Farrah Fowler finally losing it all when it comes to her tolerance of Sheldon. And this reaction with Amy has been a long time coming. She’s been patient, caring, and even borderline obsessive in her multiple attempts to break the great Sheldon mold and try to get him to change and adapt and become a more normal boyfriend, at least as it relates to how he treats his girlfriend. What results are some great back and forth exchanges between all four parties involved over the course of the episode, and it forces them all to re-evaluate just how much they care about each other.

The secondary storyline this week involved Raj checking up Howard’s mother while Howard was out of town with Bernadette. This was a great change of pace for the show, and it finally gave the Rajesh character his own standout episode. As he stopped by to check in on Mrs. Wolowitz, Raj got sucked into The Mrs. Wolowitz web of abundantly over-produced food and her overzealous neediness to take care of someone. Raj found himself, at first, trapped inside Howard’s old house for several days and unable to escape, but then eventually it became, in part, because he then found himself enjoying being taken care of. What we almost also got was our first look at the Mrs. Wolowitz character, but we were only allowed to see her pass by the kitchen doorway several times as she made more and more food for the visiting Raj. I, for one, was finally expecting a  huge guest star reveal to portray her character, but I’m guessing we may never actually see her on screen.

This week’s episode was not only a great return to form after last week’s letdown, but it also had the writers exploring new ground with the core characters. Let’s discuss this show!  On Twitter: @davyshrader