The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj Or Howard?

It all ends with a Big Bang Theory quiz...


The Big Bang Theory is over. After 12 seasons, CBS' flagship comedy closes its curtains with a double bill with ratings still higher than Game Of Thrones. That's an incredible achivement considering how much the HBO show is talked about and the fact that there's not even a single dragon in Big Bang...

What they always has been, though, is charming, loveable characters. It started with four geeks, all various degrees of socially inept or awkward - ranging from crushingly shy to painfully clueless - whose worlds of science, engineering and video game were crashed by the arrival of a new neighbour. Penny was the big bang and she's where it all started.

Since then, the characters have gone through weddings, bereavements, meeting Professor Stephen Hawking, being enemies with Will Wheaton, being friends with Will Wheaton and a whole spectrum of scientific achievements. In the end, what's mattered is the friends they've kept along the way. And of course, the zingers and hilarious lines they've said along the way.

But can you remember which of the cast said which of these lines?

Answers at the end!

1. "The Guy Who Plays Jon Snow Was A Jerk And We Still Watch Game Of Thrones."

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