The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper's 10 Funniest Moments

Sheldon Doctor Sheldon Cooper is TV's favourite nerd: he's neurotic to the point of insanity, he's exceptionally clever and not afraid to show it and he's completely clueless about social norms. All of these add up to create one hilarious character on the hit TV show, The Big Bang Theory. There are many brilliant Sheldon Cooper moments throughout the six series' of the show, where his various quirks have landed him in lots of awkward situations that have been absolutely hilarious to watch him try to overcome. However, the funniest moments have been selected, so read on to find out which ten of Sheldon's scenes have had us all in peals of laughter.

10. Flash

When Sheldon gets into character, he really gets into character. To win a costume competition, the gang dressed up as members of the Justice League and Sheldon chose to become the Flash. He spent his night at high speed: practically jogging when he wanted to pace nervously and knocking thirty thousand times on Penny's door. The best Flash moment has to be when Leonard touched the thermostat. As any TBBT fan knows, Sheldon and Leonard have an agreement that accounts for every possible event that could occur, so when Leonard told Sheldon he was turning down the heat, we were all expecting a copy of the roommate agreement and a reference to a paragraph and sub-section, followed by Leonard's irritated tone. But no, Sheldon turns and pauses for a moment, clearly thinking over what Leonard had just said. Suddenly, Sheldon is donned in his Flash costume and is hurtling down the stairs. He races out of the apartment building, across Pasadena and towards the Grand Canyon. He stops, screams 'Good Lord, how you forsake me, Leonard Hofstadter' before turning around and making his return trip at top speed. When he gets back into his apartment, he sits in his chair and simply replies 'fine'. Of course, it's all in Sheldon's imagination, so Leonard doesn't notice anything. But if it happens in less than a second because of how fast the Flash is, could it be real? No, probably not, but either way, it was a lot funnier than getting out the roommate agreement again.

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