The Defenders: 10 Reasons It's A Massive Disappointment

Oh great, it's The Hand again.

The Defenders

It was all supposed to lead here. After two great seasons of Daredevil, one stellar Jessica Jones, a brilliant Luke Cage and Iron Fist coming in dead last, The Defenders was supposed to be the tent-pole celebration of Netflix's mini-verse of heroes. It would united humanity's greatest second rung of heroes, pitting them against a threat they'd never faced before, on a scale that would definitely warrant them teaming up.

But it didn't really go entirely to plan. The show has its moments - and it's rarely better than when the four heroes are on-screen together and actually all have something to do - but it is let down badly by poor execution, poor story-telling and some poor staging, and the reality is that it is not the worthy culmination that it really ought to have been.

The shows that seeded it will no doubt continue on to success, with sequel seasons already in the offing, but the long and short of The Defenders is that it just really isn't all that memorable at all. Try and think of something stellar that happened - in the same terms as the highlights from each of the shows - and it's almost impossible. And ultimately, that's a terrible indication.

So why didn't it work?

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