The Flash Season 2: 28 Easter Eggs & References You Might've Missed

18. The Portal To Earth-2

The CW

Travelling to Earth-2 was a lot of fun, making for some season highpoints, and even just the journey there was a treasure trove of Easter eggs.

Much like the Season 1 finale, when Barry moved through the Speed Force, there are a number of images as he passes through the Speed Cannon into Earth-2.

The biggest, at the time at least, was the presence of Supergirl. This happened around the time a crossover between the shows was announced, and confirmed her existence within the multiverse.

Others include Jonah Hex, who'd appear on Legends of Tomorrow; an older Green Arrow (likewise, Legends); Grodd (still waiting for the payoff there); the Legion of Super-Heroes (again, still waiting); and John Wesley Shipp's original Flash (a hint at what was to come, perhaps).


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