The Flash Season 5: 3 Ups & 4 Downs From ‘Goldfaced’

All filler, little killer.

The Flash S5 Ups Downs 13
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Contains spoilers from The Flash Season 5, Episode 13.

Barry Allen's attempts to finally take down Cicada saw him flirt with frightening new lows in this week's episode of The Flash. Upon hearing of a potential new weapon that could solve all of their Cicada-shaped problems by stunning him long enough to allow them to give him the metahuman cure, Barry and fellow Team Flash member Ralph Dibny took part in a covert operation in an attempt to get their hands on it. Predictably, this undercover mission came with its own set of strings.

Elsewhere, Iris West-Allen took it upon herself to get some answers of her own as she set out to investigate Cicada, and ended up getting a lot closer to Orlin Dwyer than she bargained for. Furthermore, after learning of Sherloque Wells' investigation into her future excursions, Nora sought to avert his attention by distracting him with the world's ultimate distraction: love.

Overall, 'Goldfaced' was a fun little encounter that placed our heroes in some dire straits, but the headlining storyline failed to offer any plot progression whatsoever and, as a result, ended up overshadowed by its more effective subplots.

First, the positives.

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