The Flash Season 5: 5 Ups & 2 Downs From ‘Failure Is An Orphan’

The most important episode of the season so far.

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Contains spoilers from The Flash Season 5, Episode 16.

The arrival of Cicada has brought with it many issues for The Flash (both the character and the show). But after a series of failures that almost always resulted in the villain's miraculous escapes, the Scarlet Speedster finally addressed his Cicada problem head on this week as the pair battled in what was touted as their final showdown.

Following on from last week's closing moments, Barry Allen spent much of 'Failure Is An Orphan' debating on how exactly to ask a murderous psychopath if he wanted to stop being a murderous psychopath and take his recently-concocted metahuman cure. Sounds easy, right? Sure.

Also on the case were Joe West and Cecile Horton, who worked together to investigate Cicada's accomplice Dr. Ambres and convince her to help them help him. Meanwhile, Nora West-Allen was intent on figuring out how to best follow the advice from Thawne to assist her father in stopping Cicada, while her impending departure awoke feelings of dread within Iris.

On the whole, 'Failure Is An Orphan' was one of the season's finest outings so far as it effectively brought everything together and stayed on target the whole way throughout. The result was a long overdue thriller that also had some real heart.

First, the positives.

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