The Handmaid's Tale Season 2: 7 Ups & 3 Downs From 'Seeds'


7. June Really Did Become Offred

Handmaid's Tale Nick Moira

After last week's episode saw June return to the captivity she so desperately tried to escape from, the Waterfords made it their mission to put their handmaid back in her place. June has always been the rebellious type, so this task was easier said than done, but alas they accomplished it with Aunt Lydia's help.

However, despite June's discovering that she was responsible for Omar's death, there was a small part of us that wondered if perhaps she was simply playing by the rules in order to bide her time.

Well that theory was well and truly put to sleep in Seeds. June not only continued to solely speak in rehearsed pleasantries, she attempted to burn the letters she received from the Mayday rebels. These letters could play a role in her gaining freedom, so the fact that she was willing to destroy them shows that she really has lost all hope.

While we're hoping and praying that one day June will be free, it's essential that June loses all hope at some point in the narrative. If she does manage to get free, then this loss of hope now will make the freedom all the more rewarding in the future — for both us and June.


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