After years of re-runs and hearing nothing but hearsay and possibilities… Channel 4′s The IT Crowd will be returning to TV screens for a final episode next week.

The announcement was made official by the show’s co-creator Grahem Linehan who tweeted confirming that the final episode would be broadcasting on Friday 27th September.

He tweeted: “People! I bring news! The IT Crowd Special will be on telly AT THE END OF THIS VERY MONTH! Channel 4 will have more details soon!”

The IT Crowd revolves around three members of staff in an IT Department deep in the sub basement of the ambiguous company of Reynholm Industries. The main cast include a social awkward computer wiz Maurice Moss (Richard Ayoade), a sloth-like, disgruntled, co-worker Roy (Chris O’Dowd), their inept boss Jen Barber (Katherine Parkinson), and sexually driven boss Douglas Reynholm (Matt Berry). The show also includes actors such as Christopher Morris and Noel Fielding.

The programme had originally started on Channel 4 on the 3rd of February 2006 but suddenly ended in its 4th Series on the 30th July 2010.

Co-creator Grahem Linehan, who also created hit comedies such as Father Ted, Black Books and The Fast Show had already posted photographs of the filming back in May but the broadcast date was never confirmed, until the beginning of September this year.

The final episode will be broadcasting on Friday 29th September at 9pm on Channel 4 during a special The IT Crowd Night. Unfortunately there are no details on tickets for audience members as of yet.


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This article was first posted on September 17, 2013