The Keepers Trailer: Is This Netflix's Next Making A Murderer?

Answer: probably.

The Keepers Poster

Back in December 2015, Netflix quietly released a ten-part documentary that would, within the space of a couple of months, become a cultural phenomenon.

While other murder docs had received critical acclaim, such as HBO's The Jinx, it was Making a Murderer that really broke through and made a much wider cultural (and indeed criminological) impact. So it's no surprise that Netflix are aiming to build on that success. And while a second run of Making a Murderer is indeed in the works, first up we've got a different true crime story: The Keepers.

Set in Baltimore, the seven-part docuseries investigates the still unsolved murder of a nun and the potential cover-up that followed, which has possibly been going on for 50 years.

It'll pose the question of 'Who killed Sister Cathy?', as well as looking at the systemic abuses and cover-ups with the Catholic Church and a government that clearly dropped the ball, if not something worse, and feature interviews with government officials, friends, relatives, journalists, Baltimore residents. You can check out the first trailer below:

You can tell from the trailer alone that it's very heavily pushing the Making a Murderer vibe, which is understandable given that series' success. It should be a compelling case too, with Spotlight (as a recent example) proving how engrossing (and devastating) such stories can be, and we all know Baltimore makes for a great TV crime series.

The Keepers will be released on Netflix on May 19.

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