The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen TV Show: 5 Victorian Characters We Want To See


News broke recently that 20th Century Fox will be developing The League of Extraordinary Gentleman into a television program. For those who aren€™t familiar, League is a series of graphic novels by legendary comic scribe and sasquatch Alan Moore. The story revolves around a team of crime fighters/occult hunters, comprised entirely of Victorian Era literary characters, the A-Squad consisting of (from left to right) Captain Nemo, Allan Quartermain, Mina Murray, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, and the Invisible Man.

League was adapted into a movie back in 2003, and despite starring Sean Connery as Quartermain, it pretty much made you want to saw off your own foot with a wooden comb. The brown stool of a film took a great many liberties with the source material, which undoubtedly contributed to Moore€™s hatred of all things Tinseltown. People still say Tinseltown, right?

One of the biggest liberties taken was the addition of two characters who didn€™t appear in the comics. Those were Dorian Grey, and a rootin€™ tootin€™ six-shootin€™ all-growed-up Tom Sawyer, because everyone who€™s ever read Mark Twain just assumed that Tom grew up to be a Secret Service agent and Huck became a divorced high school guidance counselor.

It didn€™t work in the movie, mainly because nothing worked, but also because Stuart Townsend, and also because Shane West. But if this show wants to not get cancelled halfway through its first season, they€™re going need to keep introducing recognizable guest characters from books that people have heard of and always meant to read, but just really have never had the time to dive in and like, commit to, you know?

Luckily in the Victorian Era, everyone and their stable boy was an author. Seriously, it's like writing a novel was their equivalent to playing Angry Birds. The rest of their time was passed by putting on 80 layers of clothing, getting carriages unstuck from mud and dying of cholera.

So there€™s a lot to mine from. Here€™s a few possible guest characters who might make sense and how their stories might play out.


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