The League Of Gentlemen: All Their Other Shows Ranked From Worst To Best

14. Mapp And Lucia


Adapted by Pemberton from the inter-war era Sussex social satires of E.F. Benson, this three-part series of hour long comedy-dramas aired on BBC One at Christmas 2014. It starred a toothy Miranda Richardson as local queen bee Elizabeth Mapp and Anna Chancellor as her newly arrived rival Emmeline "Lucia" Lucas, alongside Pemberton himself and Gatiss.

Mapp And Lucia offered plenty of broad comedic performances in a story of constant social one-upmanship that made good use of Benson's native Sussex coast scenery.

Ultimately, while it did gain some critical plaudits, the series suffered in comparison with the brighter, more colourful 1980s version starring Geraldine McEwan and Prunella Scales and, despite early suggestions that it could be an on-running series, no further episodes were commissioned.


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