With the huge success of the first season of The Legend of Korra, the sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender, Nickelodeon has now ordered an additional 26 episodes, bringing the total up to 52. That’s 40 more episodes than originally anticipated.

While the first season has received near universal praise from critics, it still left us with many questions and possibilities for the future. Creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have stated that the next “book” of the series, titled “Spirits”, will focus on the mystical Spirit World and delve deeper into the mythology of the Avatar, but that’s about all we know about what’s coming next.

With new advances in both technology and bending over the intervening 70 years between the two series, there is clearly a lot left to explore in this world.

So now that there will be so many more episodes, what is it that fans want to see?

10. More Amon

Despite apparently dying along with Tarrlok in a boat explosion, I wouldn’t put it past Amon to have somehow survived. He was a truly terrifying villain and it would be a shame if we never got to see him again. For most of the first season, he only used his powers to remove people’s bending. Imagine what a fearsome enemy he would be now that he can publicly unleash both his waterbending and bloodbending powers.

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This article was first posted on September 3, 2012