The Simpsons Season 28: 7 Things It's Got Right (So Far)

More woohoo than d'oh!


The Simpsons gets a lot of grief from fans and critics for its later years, but don't go full Comic Book Guy on the series just yet. Each and every season has some standout, memorable moments, and the show, while no longer in its golden age, has also recovered from its troublesome teens (the less said about seasons eighteen and nineteen, the better!).

This season, incredibly the show's twenty-eighth, The Simpsons has once again brought plenty of laugh out loud moments. Moments that are, frankly, a lot more woohoo than they are d'oh. Which is great: whatever you think of the show's more troublesome episodes, it's nearly impossible not to want to see the yellow family from Springfield succeed. Because when the show is at its best, it's capable of creating more memorable moments than nearly any other comedy on the air.

That's exactly why, after twenty-eight years, The Simpsons is still with us. It has been creating quotable lines, touching moments, and entertaining half-hours of television for longer than some of its fans have been alive!

So, with all this in mind, just what did the show get right this year? Lots! The season is at the halfway mark, so lets take a look at seven things The Simpsons has got right so far this season!

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