The Ultimate Community Quiz

Let's hope you studied for the ULTIMATE Community quiz!


Long before Dan Harmon got to working on a little show called Rick and Morty, he launched a little series on NBC called Community. The series that taught us all that learning was fun... so long as you didn't try too hard at it!

Community was one fo the most successful series on television while it aired and it helped to launch or extend the careers of pretty much everyone who worked on the show. Would we have a Childish Gambino if not for Community? Only the darkest timeline knows for sure, but odds are, the world wouldn't be as good a place as it is without this show!

How well do you know Community? Are you a graduate of Greendale or just another student who remains in school indefinitely so you can sample some of Shirley's sandwichies.

This isn't the most difficult Community test on the Internet, but it isn't going to be easy. You have to have studied (watched the entire series) to pass this test and only the most ardent of fans will graduate and become a Greendale Human Being!

1. What Class Was Used As A Basis To Create The Study Group?


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