The ULTIMATE Firefly Quiz

Aim to misbehave and score big.


Ask any fan of the genre and they will tell you that Firefly is the greatest cancelled series of all time. The show first aired in 2002, but thanks to some terrible decisions by the folks at Fox, it was doomed to cancellation after airing only 11 of the 14 episodes produced.

Thanks to a fan campaign, the series was given something of a proper sendoff with the production of a feature film, Serenity, in 2005, but there are many stories fans would have liked to have seen unfold in Joss Whedon's incredible universe.

If you call yourself a Browncoat, you may just have what it takes to tackle this quiz... But if you consider yourself a part of the Alliance, you best be moving on because there is no way you will score higher than a 50% on this quiz!

1. Who Is The Hero Of Canton?


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