The Walking Dead: 10 Big Differences Between The Comics & TV Show

9. Lori's Death Is Even Worse In Print

The demise of Lori Grimes was a long time coming. Rick's philandering wife fell victim to the current (well, long-existing) trend of underwriting women characters as annoying and shrill €“ very much in the mould of Skyler White €“ which probably didn't help her case, but fans found a real reason to dislike her when it was revealed she was pregnant, and she wasn't sure if Rick was the father. Audiences will never get a straight answer on whether baby Judy is the daughter of Shane or Rick, because she died in childbirth €“ a fraught scene towards the start of third season, where trouble with the baby results in an emergency c-section and, unfortunately, Lori's untimely death. Still, it could've been a lot worse. On TV, she got to give a tearful goodbye monologue to her son Carl. In the comics, meanwhile, Lori managed to survive childbirth. That's the good news; the bad news is that she doesn't last much longer. During an attack by The Governor, she's shot whilst running for cover, collapsing on the baby she was carrying and crushing her to death. Yeesh.

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