The Walking Dead is a painfully disgusting show. Each episode is packed with enough to shotgun-wielding, sword-swinging, zombie-smashing violence to make even John Rambo blush. The AMC horror drama has most certainly secured its place in history, featuring what has to be the most disembowelments and amputations in television history. Rick Grimes and co. have drawn the ire of undead hoards, the psychopathic Governor, and perhaps their most fearsome foe of all – the Parents Television Council!

Basically, it’s awesome.                                            

For all of the anti-gore criticism the show has faced, which is A LOT, the scripts are tame compared to Robert Kirkman’s comic book narratives-turned-nightmares. Today, we’ll take a look at seven of the most extreme scenes in Walking Dead history – all of which were scrapped before TV scripting.

For the sake of keeping with television continuity, we’ve only included comic moments up through about where season 3 ends; or, till around the fall of Woodbury.

WARNING: Some of the things in this article are gross. Also, though these moments haven’t happened on the show, that doesn’t mean they won’t happen at some point. No complaining about spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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This article was first posted on April 9, 2013