The Walking Dead: 8 Huge Questions The Movies Must Answer

Rick's last episode leaves some big TWD mysteries behind.

The Walking Dead Questions

Warning: major spoilers for The Walking Dead - What Comes After ahead.

Rick Grimes may have made his final appearance on The Walking Dead but, of course, it's not the last we've seen of him.

While we've known for months that Andrew Lincoln was departing the show, there was a shock announcement following the airing of his last instalment in the U.S: the actor will return for a trilogy of big-budget movies, hailing from chief content officer Scott Gimple and set in The Walking Dead universe.

It's a surprising move, although it does fit with AMC's plans for expansion for the franchise beyond TV shows, and their desire to have a similar kind of longevity to Star Trek. And the announcement makes even more sense after Rick's last episode, What Comes After, which rather than completely wrapping-up the character's story, instead leaves it wide open for future endeavours.

It's a big cliffhanger to leave things on, especially as it'll be a while yet before we actually get the first movie, and it means that while Rick has survived, there are a number of big questions about, well, what comes after.

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