The Walking Dead Season 3: 5 Places It Should Go From Here

I’ll admit, I didn’t start watching The Walking Dead until the beginning of season two. Honestly, I hadn’t even really…

Anthony Blankenship



I’ll admit, I didn’t start watching The Walking Dead until the beginning of season two. Honestly, I hadn’t even really heard about it until a few days before I actually watched my first episode. But since that first episode, I have been hooked. I went back and had a season one marathon watching it all nonstop and getting myself familiar with the series. I did as much research as I could on the comics, and have gotten so hooked on it that I even shed a tear when Dale died in season two.

That being said, I hate this midseason break that always seems to leave you in wonder and want, making a person count the days until it comes back on. This midseason finale was especially memorable as it looks like all hell is about to break loose and Rick and the gang are going to be in the middle of it. So where do I want this series to go from here as the second half of the season is on the horizon? Read on to find out!

*Warning* This article does contain spoilers of sorts, with predictions for the rest of the series based off events in the comics. Viewer beware.


5. Andrea Needs A Reunion


This point seems a bit obvious because it seems like as soon as Andrea got separated from the group, we were waiting for her to be reunited with them. Nonetheless, loyalties will be tested between several relationships in this second half of the season and this is one of them. Will Andrea decide to stick with her new lover, the Governor, or will she see her old friends and return to them? It has been hinted throughout the season that she doesn’t really care as much for her old mates, as she thinks that they basically abandoned her (even though we know that really isn’t the truth).

What is interesting though is that it seems like she is starting to grow distant from the Governor and the way he runs his town. Add to that the amount of insanity the Governor has now presumably acquired and it may actually lead to her leaving him. Besides the fact that he is now crazier and more dictator-ish than before, and the fact that Rick’s group now has Michonne on their side, I have a feeling that Andrea might actually leave Woodbury and return to her old group, which will be a big boost, as they are lacking a woman as good looking as her and one that’s as good of a shooter as she is.

Although this reunion has yet to happen, another one already has, which leads me to my next point…