FX’s The Walking Dead has long been the most infuriating show on TV, oscillating between brilliance and idiocy seemingly at will. For every fantastic scene (absolutely everything involving Daryl, Morgan Jones and his undead wife), there seems to be a scene of complete and utter stupidity (Carl throwing rocks at zombies, Dale going for a walk by himself in zombie-country). In fact, the tone is so bewilderingly inconsistent that it’s actually a distraction. It’s like a dancer punctuating an amazing, complex routine with renditions of the Casper Slide, then wondering why you can’t take them seriously.

It’s just full of flaws- inconsistent characterisation, tedious plotting, idiotic decisions, and most bafflingly of all, an occasional utter lack of zombies. I mean, seriously? No zombies, on a zombie show? Who the hell thought that one up? It’s these flaws that are stopping TWD from attaining true greatness, turning occasionally into a post-apocalyptic version of Emmerdale Farm.

Yet it’s not all doom and gloom- indeed, the final episode of last season shows that things are potentially beginning to look up for Rick Grimes and his zombie-slaughtering posse. In fact, I believe it’s possible to make a case that these gaffes are coming to an end, and just in time for season three.

Before you read on, be aware that a spoiler warning is in effect.

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This article was first posted on September 5, 2012