The Walking Dead Season 8: 4 Ups And 4 Downs From 'Monsters'


4. The Walkers

The Walking Dead Walker
Gene Page/AMC

Greg Nicotero may now be the show's go-to director, but before that he was chiefly responsible for the make-up and effects with the walkers, and that's where he continues to do his best work.

He delivered a few great set-pieces last year, and does so again here - in both comic and gruesome fashion. It starts when the walkers arrive on the scene by falling and rolling down a hill, which manages to be both creepy and hilarious.

From there, though, we see that they can still pose a threat as they take out a number of Saviours, especially the insanely gory instance pictured above. Nicotero has his faults as a director, but he does zombies brilliantly, and it was nice to see them have a moment to shine again this week.

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