The Walking Dead Season 8: 4 Ups And 4 Downs From 'Monsters'

1. The Abrupt Ending

The Walking Dead Ezekiel
Gene Page/AMC

The whole Ezekiel storyline over the two episodes has felt a little off, largely because it was the most difficult to place in any sort of context, but Monsters takes the cake by having the King repeatedly declare how no one will die, not one of their ranks shall be lost etc etc.

It culminates in the moment where they're standing in an open-field, Ezekiel somehow sees the shooter from a distance (the King is blessed with telescopic eyesight), and a few royal redshirts are killed. Because of course.

It doesn't work as a surprise as it was so heavily signposted, but worse is how abruptly it ends - which is almost as soon as it begins. There's just enough time for everyone to protect the King, and then the credits are rolling. It could've had more impact had it played out a bit longer, but instead it's just an odd footnote to a rather mixed episode, and another story to be continued next week.

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