The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale: Every Dumb Moment, Ranked Bad To Worst

We need to talk about THAT Maggie twist.

The Walking Dead Negan Rick

So it finally happened. After 32 episodes (more, if you count the build up in the back half of Season 6), the battle against Negan and the Saviours and the All Out War storyline as a whole has come to a close. It was with a whimper rather than a bang, of course (as is The Walking Dead season finale tradition), but at this point, fans and critics alike are just happy to see the end of arguably the show's most disappointing arc to date.

Of course, while everyone is currently rejoicing that it's over, it shouldn't be overlooked just how many missteps the writers made to get there, and how much of an unabashed disaster the Season 8 finale actually was in terms of resolving plot threads that have been tugged on for well over two years now.

In fact, instead of trying to salvage the mistakes they'd previously made and return the show to a former glory that fans still cling onto the hope of seeing again one day, Scott Gimple and co. essentially used this climactic episode as one final send off to all the ridiculous decisions that have made the past two seasons such a dumb, torturous slog.


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