The X-Files: 5 Episodes That Could Be Made Into Movies

4. Triangle

Season 6, Episode 3


In a great episode from the sixth season, Mulder discovers that a long lost ocean liner has appeared on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, nearly 60 years after its disappearance. Rushing to the ship, he locates it only to find that once on board, he has somehow slipped back into 1939, the year of its unexplained disappearance at the break of war. The crew think him a spy, and then mad as he tries to explain it€™s not the 1930s, before the Nazi€™s board the ship in search of a weapon, €œThor€™s Hammer€, with implications for the coming war. Supported by trusty sidekicks The Lone Gunmen, Agent Scully rushes to catch up on discovering Mulder€™s disappearance to rescue him, boarding the ship to find it abandoned and her partner nowhere to be found. However he€™s found her in the past, as a passenger of the ship and takes her on his adventure of preserving history while escaping the past. Blending elements of a ghost ship story, the Bermuda Triangle, Nazi bad guys, Second World War mystery, time travel, heroic rescue, romance and in a vintage setting, this is a story that could easily grow into an enjoyable film, even if the premise is a touch cheesy!
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