Top 10 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episodes

The Paddy's Pub gang's greatest moments.


It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is just over a month away from its 13th season, an impressive lifespan for any television show, and has kept a consistent level of hilarity and exceptional character work for its entire run.

With the narcissistic and egotistical gang front and centre of Paddy's Pub, every episode is hilarious and pushes the envelope of what's acceptable in its own particular way, with the cast of characters each serving a role in the group dynamic to bring the comedic potential of the show to its side-splitting best.

It's a tough ask over the show's 12 seasons and 134 episodes to narrow it down to a mere top 10, but fortunately, the fandom has been discussing the best episodes of the show for years now, and there are stand out episodes by the bucketload to decide from.

Every episode has its own incredible gags and memorable moments, but the ones on this list stand out particularly for their place in pop culture history, their fantastic use of the show's deplorable central characters, and most importantly of all, their brilliant comedy.


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