Top 10 TV Bromances

What is a bromance? Well, opinions vary slightly depending on whether your source is Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary or InternetSlang but on one thing they can all agree: it's a friendship between two men entirely devoid of sexuality who really, really, really love each other in a non-homosexual way. Obligatory-can't-believe-I-still-have-to-say-this-disclaimer: not that being gay is negative in any way €“ but bromance has absolutely nothing to do with romance or sex. Okay, girls!? Well, what is it then? Basically, it's a partnership between males only, usually two, that goes pretty damn deep. One thing is for certain: there's plenty of it on our television screens these days, as well in movies and video games. There's an awful lot of awesome bromance couples out there, but we've compiled the top ten (in the writer's view, obviously) on our TV screens today. Obviously not everybody can make the cut. This is the cream of the crop, most of the submissions are modern and relevant, so there's no Kirk and Spock here, and not a whole lot of comedy duos either, though there are certainly comedians in here, intentional or otherwise. Honourable mentions have to go out to Hank Moody and Charlie Runkle, Chuck and Morgan, JD and Turk, Chandler and Joey, Spike and Angel, Hiro and Ando, Tim and Mike, Jermaine and Brett, BJ and Hawkeye and countless others, and by all means, if you think we left someone out, let us know in the comments. Peace, bros. And just for the record, it was incredibly hard to decide on the order for these. Possible spoilers below...
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