Top 5 Serial Killers On TV

To answer your question: Yes, that is in fact a totem made purely out of dismembered human body parts. There…

Karan Gurnani


Human Totem
To answer your question: Yes, that is in fact a totem made purely out of dismembered human body parts.

There is undoubtedly a new trend when it comes to primetime television nowadays: Serial Killers. Whether we love them or hate them, it really doesn’t matter, because they’re here to stay. While such a sensitive topic coupled with its highly graphic violence remains somewhat taboo, big names such as Showtime and NBC are becoming increasingly aware that we can’t get enough of it! Call it human nature to probe into the unknown, but something about the darker nature of shows appeals to us.

In any case, there’s without question an array of serial killers on television today. But which of them are the most original, scariest or violent of them all? This list counts down the Top 5 Serial Killers On TV.

So sit back, relax, and watch as the twisted nature of these psychopaths unravel before you. Just make sure to check behind your curtains first…

Note: This list contains spoilers!

Honourable Mention: The Carver-Nip/Tuck


While this brother-sister duo didn’t make the cut for the Top 5, they have certainly made cuts elsewhere…namely people’s faces. The Carver is technically speaking only one person: Quentin Costa. However, The Carver as an entity is both Costa and his sister Kit McGraw, as they work together to complete their objectives and are both motivated to kill by their severe disdain towards plastic surgery.

The fear invoked by The Carver is quite creepy, only exacerbated by his mask, which can only be described as a porcelain work of terror. He chooses victims who have undergone plastic surgery or the plastic surgeons themselves, first raping them then carving (quite literally, hence the name) a Glasgow smile on them. The Carver unfortunately didn’t make the list simply because well, he only really killed one person.

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