Here we are with another What Culture/Basement Talk with Pete Duffy crossover podcast event!

We couldn’t get enough lists after our special Top 5 horror movies podcast, so we got back in the studio for some more ranking fun.

For this installment, we sat down and went over our personal favorite TV episodes of all time just for you!

From classic 70′s sitcoms to modern day dramas destined for longevity, we have culled our minds for what we deem to be the finest television has to offer.

Three guys with three  very different perspectives setting out to determine what 5 episodes are our favorite. If you think this to be an easy task, just try it sometime. With so many episodes of any show ever in a lifetime, narrowing it down to just 5 was pretty tricky business.

We used emotional attachment, memories of childhood, and just some good old fashioned favoritism to make this list and we had a blast putting it together.

Hopefully you will enjoy this and find some new favorites of your own!

Listen to the podcast HERE

Please comment with some of your own picks from the small screen, check out our other podcasts and articles here on What Culture, and make sure to look further into the other podcasts at Basement Talk as they are awesome.

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This article was first posted on November 15, 2012