True Blood Season 6.8 Review - Dead Meat

true blood

rating: 3.5

True Blood€™s latest instalment was a little disturbing to say the least; no loving what so ever teamed with a lot of violence makes for unhappy viewing. Episode 8 picked up where we left off with Eric literally drowning in his sorrows, with Nora€™s bloody mass draped all over him and Bill standing in the doorway making that look he does when trying to seem mysterious. Vampire catfights are typical for these two characters and this was pretty mild in comparison to what was to come later on in the episode. Scorned sarcastic Eric is not a nice guy, mocking Bill and his godlike tendencies when all he is trying to do is save all vampire kind gosh darn it! Bill clearly is not fazed by said mocking and responds with some serious slurs about Eric€™s maker Godric, OH NO HE DIDN€™T. This back and forth is beginning to become a little irritating now, Bill are you going to go to Vamp Camp and save your people or what? He is just loving life day walking around asking favours from people but not taking charge, Naked Lillith would be so disappointed. The droning on of the Werewolves- Merlotte narrative unfortunately continued with Alcide being challenged as pack master by his girlfriend, a fellow threesome contributor and what looked to be a man wearing women€™s clothes. You can take them Alcide! He obviously escaped, unscathed and proceeded to Merlotte€™s caravan to bury the hatchet of the whole attempted murder thing with a couple of cold ones. As if Merlotte€™s new girlfriends mother wasn€™t mad enough with the €œsilver fox€, he then goes and propositions her daughter to stay and live in his caravan for ever after. What are you thinking Sam, alas there is a method to his madness as he can smell a tiny foetus inside his young lover (does this mean I€™m now going to have to learn her name?!). Looks like Sam has himself a child on the way and his girlfriend will obviously be in for more than she bargained for with a half shifter on her hands, now there€™s your reason for a freedom movement! Meanwhile at Vamp Camp, Jessica and James are having the very regular inmate conversation of €œso what are you in here for?€. After their little private roll around they decide that they are so in love and want to do it for ever and ever, which they both know isn€™t actually much longer due to the impending death so it€™s not all too much of a huge commitment. Jason- no luck -Stackhouse has now found himself in the grasps of crazy level one lady who continues to drive the notion that Jason is hers. She confesses to Jason that she will make him woo her before they take it to the next level, she obviously does not know Jason Stackhouse, he€™s not quite the wooing kind as most of the female population of Bon Temps would attest to. So yeah, good luck with that one crazy. I imagine the other women in his life will swipe him right out of that situation as soon as they get the chance, hopefully the attempt will be better than Pam€™s and he could be in luck. Steve Newlin on a hamster wheel was pure genius, he is such a great character and the relationship he now has with Sarah Newlin in comparison to last seasons€™ is so much more enjoyable. The jig surrounding the hep-v True Blood was definitely up when James fessed up to Steve Newlin, he is the most fickle character in the series with no loyalty or allegiance to anyone whether it be his own kind or not. Safe to say things aren€™t going to plan with the cover up of the governor€™s decapitation as it took all of 30 seconds (True Blood scale of time) for someone to realise that something is not quite right, and this brain box was Mrs Suzuki. She flew in demanding an explanation and despite Ms Newlins best efforts to distract and kill her with kindness, she soon stumbled upon some ahem chemically enhanced True Blood bottles. Things got uncomfortable fast with the girl on girl action between Sarah Newlin and Mrs Suzuki. Both women not exactly being dressed for a fight, ruining their expensive shoes wasn€™t the only thing that made this scene pretty disturbing. As we now know Sarah Newlin is the new and much less talented at €˜handling things€™, Olivia Pope and who is Olivia without her white power suit? No one that€™s who. So with Sarah donned in her Scandal special and Suzuki wearing some seriously high heels and a less than comfortable dress, they went at it. It went on, and on, and on with the girls eventually ending up scrapping away directly above the man- vamp pen (of course). Mrs Suzuki then snaps her ankle in those killer heels leading to her having her face eaten off by vamper men, and being stabbed in the back of the head with her own stiletto. Is there a worse way to go I ask, and the answer is NO. Sooki is in a love triangle with almost everyone at the moment, can she not put it away for five minutes and do some good for people for a change. The audacity of her rolling up into Merlottes to try to rekindle that little part of NOTHING that was there in the first place was quite desperate. We understand that she wants to be normal, to throw away her little light orb and have a normal life but don€™t we all. She can have a normal life sans vampire/werewolf/mythical creature and be single, she does not need to go running to a safe option to be happy. What ever happened to being single and happy Sooks, you've changed! It has obviously now been realised that the ship has sailed with Bill, as Sooki uses all of her breath to explain her possible life changing dilemma and upon asking if he cares he replies €œnot really no€, OUCH. Her cemetery monologue would have been quite touching without all the swearing but she is mad so we will excuse and overlook on this occasion, she has a lot on her plate. Sooki has some big decisions to make between becoming a faerie vampire or letting all of her friends die and those are some poor options to choose from. It seems she will choose the faerie vampire route which makes me wonder if this is the big death that has been rumoured, technically she will die in order to become vampire and I think this would be a great twist. The episode drew to an end with Bon Temps€™ will they won€™t they pair coming together to finally act out the plan Bill has been stewing up all series. Sooki even throws on a very vampire bride - esq dress for the occasion, although for whom she is dressing up for Warlow or Bill is unclear, so many men so little time hey. Unfortunately for Warlow he has had the life sucked out of him by Eric, who obviously found his way into faerie land by having a taste of topless child Adeline, which I found to be a little uncomfortable to say the least. Bill and Sooki find the most integral member and crucial part of the plan drained and (still) tied to a tree. Will this mean Sooki will have to step up? Is Warlow dead meat?
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