TV Review: Being Human 4.7, ‘Making History’

For the penultimate episode in the series things take a darker turn for our supernatural housemates.

Chris Suffield


[rating: 5]

For the penultimate episode in the series things take a darker turn for our supernatural housemates.

After appearing in the closing minutes of last week’s episode, ghost Eve’s plan has now become apparent. Annie plays a vital role in her scheme but all is not as it seems. Ghost Eve takes Annie of A Christmas carol style tour of the future, and a very grim path awaits mankind.

In ghost Eve’s world, Tom is dead and Hal is one of the most ruthless commanders in the vampire regime. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance, and ghost Eve’s previous attempts to rewrite history have failed. So she asks the unthinkable of Annie, to murder her infant self to prevent the apocalypse.

The opening scene briefly delves back into Hal’s past, reveling a prior connection to Cutler the short sequence shows a very different side to both characters. The recurring flashbacks to 1950 serve as an excellent duality with their present day relationship – only the roles are reversed. Hal was once the alpha vampire and brought Cutler into his world, through pain and suffering he treated Cutler like a toy.

Hal is having serious problems maintaining his condition, and having a drink of human blood with Cutler causes Hal a lapse in judgment. Sadly it’s Alex that ultimately pays the price.

We learn that Hal sired Cutler and turned him into the calculating monster he is today, having robbed him of his last shred of humanity Hal almost deserves the payback.

Tom’s child like qualities have made him indispensable to the series, his prepared speech to Cutler was priceless and his reassuring pats on the back were very endearing.

It’s clear that Cutler has genuine affection for Tom, whilst his resolve to use him as a weapon never ceases he is in constant turmoil about what must be done. The week’s Cutler spent buttering Tom up have all been leading to this moment. The old ones are arriving and Cutler needs a werewolf to provide some entertainment, and nothing says ‘welcome old ones’ like a mass slaughter.

Naturally Cutler has thought his plan through, some of the audience will survive and armed with their camera phones an internet frenzy will be created. Social media plays a big part in all our lives, so using social media as a weapon to shine a spotlight on creatures worse than vampires is a powerful perception tool.

After Alex’s murder, her ghost self helps Hal out of the locker and he makes a desperate attempt to save Tom.  Arriving at the nightclub just in time to get people to safety, he faces off against a transformed Tom.

This revamped series has certainly been lighter in tone than what’s come before. Whilst the lighter touch has made for very entertaining episodes, it ‘s great to have a bit of old fashioned terror and impending doom.

The last few moments brought the welcome addition of Mark Gatiss as one of the infamous old ones. From the looks of the teaser for next week’s episode, he’s a major player in the series finale and things are not looking good for Annie, Hal, Tom and baby Eve.

Being Human concludes Sunday at 9pm on BBC 3