The Walking Dead 4.15 - "Us" Review

rating: 3

After last week's emotional episode "The Grove", fans went into this week's episode "Us" questioning whether or not we'd get a reprieve. With the final two episodes of season four now upon us, any kind of slow down is highly unlikely as there's so much still to cover. It's a race to the finish as everyone heads towards the anticipated reunion since the fall of the prison. We know that a number of survivors won't be among those making it to Terminus, RIP Mika and Lizzie to name a few, but with the final two episodes, we find ourselves asking who else might not make it to watershed moment that is the Terminus sanctuary? When "Us" started off, it was hard to tell whether fans were watching The Walking Dead or Forrest Gump with the way that Eugene was rambling on in his monotone voice about zombie dinosaurs and video game genres. There's definitely something strange about this dude and it's hard to tell if we'll get his story by seasons end or not. It doesn't take long before we see Glenn and company come across one of Maggie's Terminus signs before he takes off in the supposed direction. The show then switches gears and takes us to Daryl and Joe's group where we witness our first bayonet kill of the series before quickly transitioning to Rick, Carl, and Michonne, which is a relief as its been a number of weeks since they've made an appearance even though it would only be for a quick two minute scene. Spirits seem to be high with their group as Rick's face looks better and some high stakes candy bar gambling is taking place between Carl and Michonne. Meanwhile, Daryl's acclimation into Joe's group appears to be going a little less smooth as he and a member named Len nearly go toe to toe over a claimed rabbit. Things appear to cool off though as they literally split "hares" to make amends. As Daryl continues to travel with Joe and his group, Joe fills Daryl in on the new rules involved with "claiming" what's yours. Joe lays out a much different set of rules than those that Daryl was accustomed to at the prison. It's a first come, first serve kind of world with Joe and company. We've seen Daryl grow significantly from the start of the show so it's interesting to see him interacting with a more cut throat and road hardened group like Joe's.
While Daryl is in the midst of trying to understand Joe's group, we see Glenn and Tara deciding to move on without Abraham and his group on their journey to Terminus. Even with Eugene throwing a pick up line at Tara, it's not enough to keep the two from going on alone. As Glenn and Tara walk into a dark tunnel on the tracks, Tara retells the story to Glenn about the Governor and seeing her sister overcome by walkers at the prison. Although Tara has mentioned a number of times that she saw her sister over run, there's a part of me that still has a small glimmer that she might appear at some point in the future. It's a long shot but stranger things have happened on this show. As Glenn and Tara travel deeper into the cave, they discover a ceiling collapse and large group of walkers buried beneath the rubble. Glenn gets desperate as he looks for Maggie, Bob, and Sasha among the walkers but is quickly relieved when he doesn't see them among the dead. Things quickly go south though after Glenn creates a distraction to lore the walkers away so that the two of them can move forward when Tara gets her leg caught between two rocks. When it looks as if poor Tara is about to bite the dust, Glenn vows to stay with her until the end. As the end appears to draw near for the two of them, they are saved in spectacular fashion by Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita along with the newly found group of Maggie, Bob, and Sasha. Finally, after weeks and weeks of gut wrenching, last half episodic drama, fans are rewarded with a happy moment in the reunion of Glenn and Maggie. As introductions are being passed around, Glenn covers for Tara by telling Maggie that he met her on the road and hiding the fact that she was involved in the assault on the prison.
Abraham and his group decide to head to Terminus with Glenn and his group. Once they reach Terminus, they will then decide what to do from there in regards to heading North to Washington DC to save the world. It's a relief to finally see two of the groups from the prison reunite prior to them arriving at Terminus and it's now clear that heading North will most likely be the focus of season five. On the other side of events, Daryl and Joe's group continue on their journey when Daryl discovers the corpse of Len. Daryl initially attempts to cover up Len's body with a sheet but then decides not to. It's an interesting glimpse into Daryl as the viewer could question whether or not that dark side of who he was has returned. Eventually the group comes across a Terminus sign and Joe makes reference that Terminus is a lie. It's an interesting point coming from Joe and one that will most likely only be touched on further during next weeks episode. As the end of the episode draws closer to the end, everything appears to wraps up nicely as Abraham and company arrive at Terminus. As they approach and enter the campus, it's a scene that's all too good to be true. You're almost waiting in anticipation for the Governor to appear or for the place to be crawling with walkers. But that isn't the case as the Governor is clearly gone for good and no walkers appear to be lurking about. Instead, the episode ends on a happy, musical note to a strange woman grilling some food when she utters the last line that she'll get the new arrivals a plate ready for them... In the end this was a much quieter episode than the one fans witnessed last week. More loose ends were wrapped up as Glenn and Maggie finally reunited and the season finale is now right around the corner. As this weeks episode ends and our first batch of surviviors has now made it to Terminus, we have to ask ourselves if it's really the sanctuary we all think it is? Or is there something else lurking beneath the surface? I have my thoughts but we'll leave that to next week! Terminus or bust next week! Things to ponder: Where is Beth? Is Terminus really a safe sanctuary? What will happen when Joe's group reaches Terminus? Leave your comments below for this weeks episode "Us". Follow @BrentDiNunzio on Twitter and join us each week for a discussion during the episode at #whatculturedeadtalk
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