The Walking Dead 5.1 Review - 5 Talking Points From "No Sanctuary"

The most explosive moments from the fifth season's premiere episode.

€œYou€™re the butcher€or you€™re the cattle€ Now that€™s how you kick off a season. €œNo Sanctuary€, the premiere episode of The Walking Dead€™s fifth season was a white-knuckle thrill ride full of guts, gore and gunfire, was not only a fantastic premier, it was one of the best episode€™s of the show€™s entire run. When season four ended, Rick and the crew had finally completed the long, arduous and dragged out journey to Terminus, and found themselves trapped in a shipping container at the mercy of Gareth and his band of (assumed) cannibals. Rick€™s resolve gave the group some hope, but the situation, as with many of the predicaments the survivors find themselves is, was nonetheless bleak. Season six started off with a bang, as the group gearing up to fight back against their captors with makeshift weapons and a desire to not be someone€™s food, before succumbing to a flashbang grenade and being hauled into the Terminus slaughterhouse. This episode gave us some of the most intense action sequences, top dollar production values and a horde of undead walkers, which the lack thereof has been an oft-lobbied complaint against the show in seasons past. The bar has been raised for The Walking Dead this season, by virtue of the explosive nature of the launch, and the show€™s mammoth fanbase will no doubt be waiting, as rabid and hungry as the reanimated corpses that provide the show it€™s namesake. Here are five talking points from €œNo Sanctuary€.


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