Westworld Season 2: 12 Biggest Questions We Need Answers To

11. Did Charlotte Survive?


As the executive director of the board of Delos, Charlotte Hale was the one who had the title of being in charge, while the one who was really in charge was Ford. She didn't like that, and tried multiple times to get him to leave, according to Ford himself, remarking that Delos "test" him every now and then.

After the death of Theresa, Charlotte knew she couldn't get rid of Ford outright, so instead wanted to get information out of the park instead, with the help of Lee Sizemore.

However, as watchers will know, it didn't go quite according to plan, and Charlotte was in attendance of the party that was blown to hell. While her fate would be well deserved, it would be quite a shame if someone with that caliber was removed from the picture before doing anything more sinister, or maybe even try to bring chaos back to order. She doesn't appear in either trailer, so where the heck is she, if not dead?

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