Westworld Season 2 Just Pulled The Greatest Marketing Prank Ever

Well, you did deserve it.

Westworld Dog

Sometimes, you get EXACTLY what you deserve in this world.

At the start of this week, in what appeared to be a belated April Fool's Day prank, Jonathan Nolan took part in a Reddit AMA about the forthcoming second season of Westworld and set the Internet ablaze with equal parts excitement and furious anger by saying he'd spoil the entire season if he got enough Upvotes.

Here's the post...

To summarise, Nolan said he was going to make the community the secret keepers of the spoilers, to stop any theories being reported as spoilers and accidentally ruining the show. Given that the show-makers had flirted with an unconventional dynamic with the Reddit community, it was accepted completely as a real thing.

Inevitably, it was upvoted enough times because there's nothing a fandom likes more than having its ego massaged. Or maybe it was just because lots of people wanted to pretend to be secret keepers and then spoil it all anyway. Whatever the case, the community responded, so Nolan stuck to his word, releasing this YouTube video with a simple message:

"All right guys. We left this in your hands. Some may feel this is a drastic step, but I, for one, love and trust this community. Here's the link."

Nobody had to click, of course, but when they did, they would have realised that Nolan had pulled the greatest Rickroll in the history of Rickrolls...

Full points for execution, particularly for making everyone watch a dog sit at a piano for 20 full minutes.

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