Wilfred 3.10 Review – Distance

[rating: 5] Warning: This review contains spoilers. In “Distance,” Ryan, Wilfred, and Bruce come together for the best episode yet…

Richelle Brinkley



[rating: 5]

Warning: This review contains spoilers.

In “Distance,” Ryan, Wilfred, and Bruce come together for the best episode yet of this season. We see a bit of a return to the drawing, but for the most part, “Distance” is full of shenanigans between pals.

Right away, Ryan questions Kristen about the character behind the tree, whom she calls Mr. Floppy Ears. Talking to Kristen doesn’t really clear anything up, so Wilfred tells Ryan he should play a game to distract himself from the drawing problem. In the same way, this episode is a distraction to us from the issues that have been building up so far.

“Distance” brings us back to the good old fun and games with which Wilfred was initially filled. It’s nice that Wilfred can be serious while maintaining its status as a comedy, but it’s equally as nice to have a strictly comedic episode every once in a while.

After Kristen is of no help, Ryan goes to Bruce, looking for answers about Wilfred. However, Bruce refuses to give Ryan any answers. That is, unless Ryan gives him Wilfred’s testicles. It was nice to see Bruce again. He brought a weirdness to the episode that had been sorely missed for a while.

The episode focused on mind games between Ryan, Wilfred, and Bruce. In fact, the episode itself could be considered a mind game. We start off thinking we’ll get answers, we’re denied answers throughout, and we end up with more questions, as we see the strange symbol in the blue barn on the drawing.

A large focus of the episode was on testicles, and it was great to get back to that sort of humor. Wilfred tries to convince Ryan that they can get meatballs that look just like dog testicles to give to Bruce. Ryan pretends to take Wilfred to be neutered, and Wilfred does the same to Ryan, leading to their “dick punch fight.” At the end, Ryan gives Bruce and Wilfred real dog testicles in the place of the meatballs they wanted so badly.

It’s been so long since Ryan and Wilfred’s relationship has been like this that it almost feels like it’s the first time, but at the same time, it’s so natural between them that it feels like it’s been going on forever. Bruce joining in the mix just made it even better.

Overall, “Distance” was a refreshing, much needed break from tensions, with plenty of mind games throughout.