Wilfred 3.9 Review – Confrontation

[rating: 5] Warning: This review contains spoilers. In “Confrontation,” Ryan and Kristen throw a Christmas party to bring the whole…


[rating: 5]

Warning: This review contains spoilers.

In “Confrontation,” Ryan and Kristen throw a Christmas party to bring the whole family back together. Ryan tells Wilfred to stay in the basement for the party, but of course, we know that is never going to happen.

The family reunion is a very serious one, with Wilfred being the sole source of comedic relief throughout (continuing the pattern from last week’s episode). The family reunion is very engrossing, because we’ve come to care about these characters. We see the way their family works and, at least in some small ways, we’re able to relate to them, providing the reunion a base of reality which makes it all the more captivating.

The dynamic between Kathryn and Henry—seeing their squabbles and the way they act in each other’s presence—was a little scary. Although it was realistic, it was kind of off-putting. Not that it was bad, but the amount of tension there was between them ended up much higher than most would have anticipated. If anything, most would have expected the main tensions to be between Ryan and Henry.

There was plenty between Ryan and Henry, though. Ryan admits his suicide attempt to Henry. It seems that Henry genuinely cares, and now that Ryan has got things off his chest, the relationship between the two can improve. However, Wilfred doesn’t think so. According to him, Henry is a “manipulative bully.” Whether we should trust his view or not is something we can never be sure of.

Wilfred, as usual, doesn’t disappoint in the way of comedic relief. We learn he has extreme hatred for Santa—spawning partly from Santa’s (according to Wilfred) intimacy with his reindeer. He accidentally pees on Ryan’s Christmas tree, joins the party wearing a reindeer suit, and gets tangled up in Christmas lights. Wilfred wasn’t lying; it certainly wouldn’t be Christmas without him.

The episode ended with the biggest twist of the entire season, if not the entire series. We learn that Kristen was the one who did the drawing with Wilfred in it. This poses so many questions for the remainder of the season, among them whether or not Kristen can actually see Wilfred. We know from previous episodes that she isn’t fond of him, and perhaps that could be because she can indeed see him. As always with this show, the possible answers are endless.

Overall, it was a fantastic episode, leaving off on a great twist ending that we can’t wait to see a return to.