WWE's Becky Lynch And GLOW's Alison Brie On ESPN The Magazine Cover

'The Man' is first WWE star to feature on front of publication.

ESPN Becky Lynch Alison Brie

ESPN published the latest 'Blockbuster' issue of their monthly magazine - and it featured two of the most famous faces in the world of wrestling, both fictional and slightly-less-fictional, on its cover.

Current Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch is posed on the front spread alongside GLOW star Alison Brie, as the issue explores the intersection between Hollywood and sports - guess you could call that 'sports entertainment'?

The pair conducted an interview with ESPN in which they each discuss the challenges they've had to overcome in their respective industries, and why women continue to take both entertainment and wrestling by storm in 2019.

Interestingly, despite the company's long partnership with the sports broadcaster, Lynch is the first WWE superstar to ever appear on the cover of ESPN The Magazine whilst under their employ. The issue will be available in all good newsagents this Friday.

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Editorial Team

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